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About Brealie Noble

Based in the Kawartha Highlands, I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by some of Ontario’s most beautiful natural landscapes. Waterways, marshes, forests and the Great Canadian Shield are all part of my stomping ground. I take my time digesting the incredible beauty of the area but my adventures don’t end there. Life and exploration is an open gate around the world, I intend to chase it with camera in hand with every chance I get.
As a photographer, and owner of Earth Warrior Photography, living in Kawartha Lakes gives me a diverse and unique perspective on the subjects of my photography. Known internationally as an environmentally aware and innovative community, ecology and the natural world have a great impact and influence on the photos I capture and share.
Each image is meant to inspire wanderlust while provoking environmental awareness both locally and globally. This particular view of the world is something I believe to be very powerful, bringing together communities for a common goal.
I hope my images inspire you, and stir up your own desire to reach out and embrace nature. I’ve always had the urge to travel off the beaten path which has brought me to many amazing places around the world.
Follow me on my journey capturing life as it happens. From Coast to Coast, Sea to Sea, I’ll be documenting the world as I see it. 

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